The 12th Art Festival Two Riversides is now concluded

Kazimierz Dolny once again became the film capital of Poland for over a week. The guests had the chance to see over a 100 film productions, to meet film authors and take part in exciting concerts.

The slogan of the 12th edition was “Cinema that connects.” Two Riversides once again connected not only two towns, Kazimierz and Janowiec nad Wisłą, it also proved that cinema can truly form an alliance with art. The turnout had shown us that the audiences really enjoyed such a festival: we managed to break last year’s turnout record.

“We do this festival mainly for the viewers” the Artistic Director Grażyna Torbicka underlines. “The audience really gets the chance to see good film, listen to artistic music, come across interesting paintings, good photographs. It all builds energy with which our visitors return to us in the following year.”

During the closing gala the guests heard the results of THE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS COMPETITION. The Jury chose the best film: “LOVER HEAVEN” by Emad Aleebrahim-Dehkordi. We also already know the results of THE AUDIENE POLL. The film with the largest number of votes was “LOVING VINCENT”.

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